There are a few optional playback features that can be applied per song in BackTrax. These are accessed by tapping the Info icon on a song in the set (only visible in Unlocked mode).

song details

Start and Stop Times

The Start Time and Stop Time options allow you to set a specific time for the song to start or end playback. Note that the stop time is not the duration to play from the start time, but the absolute time at which to stop as if starting from the beginning.

Note: If you customized the start and stop times for a song in iTunes, those times will not show up here. That data is not accessible to BackTrax.


The Gain option allows you to adjust the output level of a song relative to the other songs in a set. Keep in mind that this is not a volume control; all songs are played at full volume and the Master Volume control (see Playback Basics) controls the final output volume, which is typically run at 100% to get an acceptable level for the house PA. This option applies gain to the audio signal and may cause undesirable side effects if too much is added, as digital clipping could occur.

Click Generator - Tempo

The Click Generator section is only visible for manually entered songs that do not have a backing track (see Importing Content - Manual Entry). If a tempo is entered here, BackTrax will generate an audio click at the given tempo when the song is played. To adjust the generated click, tap on the Lock button at the top right and select Metronome.

click settings

Here you can choose the volume, panning and specific click sound used for the generated click. This will be applied to all songs that have no backing track and have a tempo set in the song details.