Basic Settings

Tap on the Settings button at the top right of the screen to adjust the following settings:

  • Master Volume: This controls the system output volume, the same as the hardware buttons on the device.
  • Lyrics Size: Sets the font size used to display lyrics in the Attachments panel.
  • Title Size: Sets the font size used to display song titles in the set list and BackTrax Library.
  • 24 Hour Clock: When turned on, the Clock display in the large timer section shows the time in 24 hour format (e.g. 1:00 PM is shown as 13:00).
  • Prevent Screen Lock: Prevents automatic screen lock (set in iOS Settings) while BackTrax is running in the foreground.
  • Remove Played Songs: When turned on, when a song finishes playing it is immediately removed from the set list.

App Layout

Under the App Layout category you can choose the display and position of the main Timers panel.

The Regular Width section applies when the screen is wide enough for the timers to be displayed next to the audio transport controls horizontally. They are displayed to the left of the audio controls by default, or you can turn on the “Timers on Right” switch to show them on the right side.

The Compact Width section applies on screens that are narrow enough that the timers and audio controls are stacked vertically (e.g. phones in portait orientation). The timers are displayed above the audio controls by default, or you can choose “Timers on Bottom” to have them below the audio controls.

Some devices are classified as Regular Width when held in landscape orientation, or Compact Width when held in portrait orientation. BackTrax does not make any assumptions about which modes are available on your device; it always offers both categories of settings to maximize support for all current and future devices. The settings are applied based on the active size class reported by iOS.