In BackTrax you can attach any number of files to a song and display them during playback. Currently plain text, HTML, PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP and SVG files are supported.

Selecting and Attaching Files

With a song selected in a set and the Attachments panel open (Lyrics), you should either see a “No Attachments” message or lyrics if they’ve already been added. Tap the Menu button at the top right of the panel and select Attach File.

The selection interface that is presented here is the common iOS file selection interface, the same as when you choose the “Files / Cloud” option to import tracks into the BackTrax Library. See that section under Importing Content for details on making cloud services available for import and how selection works, as it’s the same here for file attachments. If a file in the list is not available for selection then the format is not currently supported by BackTrax.

Displaying Attachments

After adding more than one attachment (including directly entered lyrics), the label at the top of the Attachments panel turns into an active button. It will display “Lyrics” or the file name of the current attachment, and when you tap on that label it will show the list of all attachments for this song. Tap on any attachment in the list to display it.

Deleting Attachments

With an attached file selected and displayed, tap the More button to bring up the attachment options panel. At the bottom of the panel there is a Delete Attachment button.