A backing tracks player and performance support solution for working musicians, by working musicians.

BackTrax helps you organize the supporting materials for your show, and helps minimize mistakes and down time. It can load backing tracks along with lyrics, chord charts and other visual aids quickly and easily, whether you're running a pre-planned show in order or choosing material on the fly from an extensive library.


You can paste lyrics directly into BackTrax, edit them, and fine tune the intelligent auto-scrolling to get it just right. Auto-scrolling can also be applied to any number of PDFs and images attached to each track.

Track Sources

You can load tracks that are already in the iOS Media Library on your device, and you can also import from any source that shows up in the Files app, including iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Mistake Prevention

BackTrax starts with thoughtful design from years of performance experience, and adds customizable interface options and Lock Mode to make it more difficult to do the wrong thing on stage.